Come to Fujiyama for your next special event or stop by after work to enjoy our delicious food and comfortable atmosphere. We can accommodate very large parties as well as intimate couple’s settings. Fujiyama offers a diverse range of Japanese cuisine, from Hibachi – Table site cooking, and bento box, to noodle bowls, crispy tempura, katsu and the freshest sushi ingredients.

For fun with your family and friends come to Fujiyama, and sit around our Hibachi table, where guests gather and enjoy a meal that is expertly prepared and cooked to perfection on a grill table right before your eyes. Be sure to enjoy the show because our chefs will literally play with your food as they cook it.

There is also a wide variety of appetizers and dinner entrees, including hibachi entrees prepared by our chef in the kitchen.



Fujiyama provides one of the most entertaining dining experience in North Florida, with our fun, creative, and very talented chefs.


Mountain Fujiyama, the highest peak in Japan, is an extinct volcano in South Central Honshu.
It is one of Japan’s “Three Holy Mountains”.


Fujiyama’s exhilarating sushi begins with our choice of the finest and freshest ingredients, and with exciting and innovative combinations.